Fillings are used to restore teeth to their normal shape, appearance and function by filling in cavities that are generally caused by tooth decay. Fissure sealants are extremely important in the prevention of tooth decay as they fill in the natural pits and fissures in the back (molar) teeth where dental decay occurs most often.

The need for fillings due to tooth decay can be eliminated by correctly cleaning your teeth (flossing and brushing regularly) and maintaining a healthy diet. Regular dental health check-ups will make sure any problems are identified and treated early to minimize tooth decay.

The types of filling material used by V-KARE Family Dentistry & Cosmetics Clinic, Champlin, MN include:

  • Tooth-colored (White) fillings
  • Dental Amalgam (Silver colored) fillings

Other forms of tooth restoration, such as gold or ceramic crowns, are an expensive alternative to amalgam and tooth-colored filling materials.

White fillings

Tooth-colored (white) fillings have been used in front teeth for cosmetic reasons for many years. Recent improvements in filling materials for back teeth mean these are now more affordable and widely used as an alternative to dental amalgam.

Silver fillings (dental amalgam)

Dental amalgam (silver) fillings is an inexpensive and highly durable material commonly used for filling teeth. Modern dental amalgam is a metal alloy that is generally made up of mercury, silver and tin, with small amounts of copper and zinc.


A dental sealant is a tooth-colored plastic film that V-KARE Family Dentistry & Cosmetics Clinic, Champlin, MN applies to the deep grooves (fissures) on the back teeth (molars) where tooth decay most often starts.

The bacteria in plaque live in these grooves and make acid which causes tooth decay. Dental sealants assist in preventing the build up of plaque acids on the enamel surface of teeth and they are important in the prevention of tooth decay.

A good time to apply sealants is soon after permanent teeth are fully in place (usually after 13 years of age). V-KARE Family Dentistry & Cosmetics Clinic, Champlin, MN would be happy to discuss whether this type of treatment would be beneficial to you and your family.

The V-KARE Process

  • The chewing surface of a molar contains natural pits and grooves (fissures) where dental decay occurs most often. The bristles of a toothbrush are too large to reach into some of these areas.
  • The tooth is thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying the sealant.
  • A liquid sealant is placed onto the surface of the tooth and flows into the pits and fissures. The liquid is then set with an ultra violet light.
  • The pits and fissures are now sealed and the tooth surface is smooth and easy to keep clean.

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