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V-KARE Family Dentistry & Cosmetics Clinic, Champlin, MN understands the importance of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. We offer a teeth rehabilitation, Dental Implants, Dentures, Teeth Whitening and more in order to restore your smile and boost your confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry has come a long way in just a short period of time. A few years back Cosmetic Dentistry procedures were never discussed or considered as an option to plastic surgery. However, these days it is one of the most highly sought after treatments that be accomplished quickly and painlessly – generally within 2 weeks or less – and can make a dramatic impact in achieving a youthful appearance.

Our philosophy is to enhance the beauty of each one of our patients and not create an “artificial” appearance. Through technological advancements, it is now possible to obtain cost effective Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Surgery procedures to improve and strengthen the health and function of a patient’s appearance and smile.

Cosmetic dentistry will not only improve your self-esteem it can also improve how the jaw functions. Experience has shown that as teeth wear down, or the edges chip, a person’s bite may cave-in and this will place the burden of chewing on the jaw joints not on the teeth where it was designed to take most of the pressure from chewing. This many times has been found to be contributing factor to Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder (TMJ) problems. Another problem that can occur when teeth wear down is that it may expose the underlying tooth structure which leads to teeth staining more easily.

Here are some of the Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Surgery Procedures we are expert with:

If you have questions about our Cosmetic Dentistry Services please contact one of our staff by calling V-KARE Family Dentistry & Cosmetics Clinic, Champlin, MN at 763-323-6564, or you can send us a message through our online Contact Us Form