Your journey toward American citizenship starts with our immigration physicals in Champlin, MN. V Kare Clinic is a medical facility designated as a clinic for INS physicals. The Director of our clinic, Dr. Hussain, is a licensed U.S. Civil Surgeon who has been authorized by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to conduct immigration physicals and exams for the Department of Homeland Security. Contact us now for more details about how we help you on your path toward American citizenship.

Things to Know about Us:

  • Our Doctors Know All of the Rules & Regulations Pertaining to the Health Department.
  • We’re Experienced with All Procedures Concerning Infectious Diseases.
  • We Have Years of Experience in Performing Immigration Physicals.

V-KARE Family Dentistry & Cosmetics Clinic, Champlin, MN Physician, Dr. Hussain is pleased to offer Immigration Physical Services to New and Current Patients. Individuals applying for citizenship or seeking Permanent Residency or a Green Card are required to obtain an immigration physical performed by a designated Civil Surgeon prior to approval of their application. The exam results will be recorded on Form I-693 for the applicant to return to the USCIS (INS). The exam process generally takes a couple days, depending on whether a tuberculosis test (PPD) is needed.

Our Services Include:

  • INS Physicals & Medical Exams.
  • UCIS Medical Exams.
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Physicals.
  • Green Card Medical Exam
  • Review of your written vaccination and other health records.
  • Syphilis Test (RPR)- Required for applicants 15 and older, or possibly younger based on the physician’s determination.
  • Tuberculin skin testing and interpretation. This is required for applicants 2 and older. This test requires a return visit to the office within 48 – 72 hours after administration. If the test reading is positive, a chest X-ray will be required.
  • Certified and Sealed I-693 Form with a copy for your records.
  • Copies of your laboratory test results.

Why Immigration Physicals?
Each year, thousands of people begin the immigration process. This can be a difficult and frustrating process that requires individuals to complete many confusing forms and often wait long periods of time as they progress through the immigration system. One requirement that each applicant must complete is a medical evaluation by a Civil Surgeon designated by the INS.

This must be conducted at a designated medical facility and all the appropriate immigration medical forms (I-693 form) must be completed and signed precisely as required by government officials. The medical evaluation is straightforward and includes a physical, a review of the applicant’s medical history, an assessment of vaccine, and all government-required lab tests.

Please call us for any questions or for pricing. Any questions as to what specific vaccination is required will be answered by the civil surgeon during the exam.

What To Bring

  • Valid, government issued picture ID such as a Valid Passport (preferred), Driver’s License, Greencard, or Military ID.
  • Medical records (translated to English by an official translator, if necessary), including proof of prior treatment for tuberculosis or other infectious disease and prior chest x-rays.
  • Immunization records (translated to English by an official translator, if necessary).
  • Any mental health records (translated to English by an official translator, if necessary).
  • An Immigration Physical Form I-693, pre-completed with your information in CAPITAL LETTERS. Please make sure this form is up to date (see the expiration date in the upper right or lower left corner).

Please budget at least 2-3 hours for this process on the first day and a total of 1-4 days depending on the necessity of PPD skin testing and availability of lab results (Friday and weekend exams may take longer for labs to process). Additional labs may be needed at an additional expense and may require up to 1-2 weeks for a result, depending on the test.

Contact Us for a Consultation

If you have questions about Immigration Physicals, please contact us for a consultation at V-Kare Family Dentistry & Cosmetics Clinic, Champlin, MN at 763-323-6564, or you can send us a message through our online Contact Us Form